Forming a new LLC for Your New Startup With Northwest Registered Agent – All You Need to Know

You can always start an LLC on your own, especially if you do not mind the leg work. You can function as your own registered agent as well. However, handing that function over to a company such as Northwest Registered Agent can be the best option if you do not have enough time and don’t like to miss a notice or essential business filing.

Northwest Registered Agent could help you start a business, accept notices on your behalf, and keep all those important files safe and easily accessible.

Even though it’s still in its infancy in the LLC filing market, Northwest is among the most respected and biggest names out there. Northwest also established a great reputation for presenting professional services. In this guide, we will talk about what Northwest Registered Agent is, how it works, its features, and how you can benefit from it.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Northwest Registered Agent?

In case you didn’t know yet, Northwest Registered Agent began as a family-owned business back in 1988. The company aims to help different small businesses and startups where they constantly set up shop in every state before launching their national service.

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They are categorized as a boutique company as they’re relatively small and take a huge amount of care. They mostly spend time with their customers, making sure they are their top priority. They have already provided help to numerous customers over the years, and their stock in trade is the creation and startup of LLCs.

Like other online legal service companies in the market, Northwest Registered Agent provides LLC services and other add-ons that businesses may need to build their business. Over the past two decades that Northwest Registered Agent has been running, they have always been consistent with their aim of satisfying customers, being one of the most established service providers in the industry.

How Does Northwest Registered Agent Work?

Compared to other LLC formation services in the market, Northwest Registered Agent enables you to create an LLC in three different ways: doing it on your own, through its VIP service, or paying them the full price direct and hiring them to build your LLC on your behalf.

Doing it on your own needs you to sign up for a free account. The company offers guidance on starting an LLC. You also receive access to downloadable business forms such as state-specific documents, LLC Operating Agreement, and Articles of Organization, among other things.

It is only when you sign up for their VIP services or employ Northwest Registered Agent to create your LLC that their formation process acts like other online LLC formation services:

Here’s how their process works:

  • You pick the type of business you want to create (LLCC), the state you are filing in, and whether you want to pay monthly or upfront.
  • You need to answer important questions connected to your new business. It’s important that you identify your business purpose, mailing address, and physical address.
  • You must give your contact information, including your complete name, zip code, mailing address, phone number, city, state, and country.
  • Select the optional features your LLC business needs.
  • Review your order, proceed with the payment, and you are good to go.

What are the Features and Services You Can Take Advantage of?

Here are some of the features you can enjoy once you get the services of Northwest Registered Agent:

  • Registered Agent Service

Basically, an authorized representative is an organization or person serving as an address where all the legal correspondence and mail are delivered. Their job is to receive crucial service of process notices and correspondence for the LLC.

Keep in mind that a registered agent might be the name known for companies or individuals that do this service in your state. Oftentimes, it’s referred to as a resident agent in other states. With that in mind, Northwest Registered Agent adjusts to the better-known term in your state.

Northwest Registered Agent can be your resident agents, and you can utilize their address as the recipient of your correspondence for a cost. Other companies provide to do LLC services but don’t let their customers utilize their principal address for their correspondence.

Luckily, Northwest Registered Agent does provide that feature for only $125 per year.

  • EIN or Tax Identification Number

Remember that EIN is an identification tag for your company. It basically works like your social security number and is vital for all your tax filings. The IRS utilizes your EIN to determine your business on federal filings.

Are you considering starting an LLC? Then you must get an EIN right after you file your Articles of Organization and submit your operating agreement. Also, you need to submit your Articles of Incorporation before you start your EIN application on the IRS website.

  • Filing Articles of Organization

Together with the registered agent option, Northwest Registered Agent prepares and drafts the formation documents of your business on your behalf. Then, it files the articles with the state of formation. They simplified a process that would otherwise take a long time to be handled.

  • Name Availability Search

The Northwest Registered Agent will also look for the state’s database to confirm if your desired business name is already declared by another business entity. Remember that this feature comes with the LLC package, as well.

It is one of the most basic services offered by companies like Northwest Registered Agent.

  • VOIP Business Phone Number

Don’t you like receiving business-related phone calls on your private number? Then you must consider getting this add-on feature for only $9 a month. With this service, you will receive a second number and only get calls via the internet.

This feature is certainly a highly-valued feature in most Northwest Registered Agent reviews. But certainly, you can pick one of the best VOIP services and obtain a plan straight from the provider.

  • Customer Support

If you prefer the online formation services of Northwest Registered Agent, you can expect a member of the customer support team to help you throughout the process. Their job is to assist you with your concerns and problems.

  • Operating Agreement

The operating agreement presents the ownership structure as well as ground rules on how your business will be running. That’s also a part of the LLC filing package. That’s certainly a good thing, as it saves you the hassle of paying extra for an important document.

How Much is Northwest Registered Agent Pricing Plan?

Northwest Registered Agent currently provides three formation options: Free, Pay in Full, and VIP Services.


Are you wondering how much it costs to hire Northwest Registered Agent to form an LLC? Here is a detailed breakdown of every business formation pricing and package.

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The Free Account Plan

The Free Account enables you to create your LLC through the free document downloads and guides on the Northwest Registered Agent website. You also have the option to get as many add-on services as possible you want.

Below is a list of what you will get when you decide to go for the free online account:

  • Northwest Registered Agent customer support – You will get access to the prompt and responsive customer support of the company.
  • Online client account – You will get access to the Northwest Registered Agent online client account. Here, you can get access to downloads and information and store vital business documents.

Remember that the Free Account is suitable for business owners who are confident in their capability and time to build their LLC on their own.

The Pay in Full Plan

Paying in full suggests you are paying Northwest Registered Agent your state fees as well as their service fees upfront. You receive the same services from the free account plus two more services, which include:

  • Limited mail forwarding – Northwest Registered Agent enables you to pick the state where you wish to send your email. The company also offers an address and suite number for your business in the state you picked.
  • Registered agent service – You get the registered agent services of the company for free in your first year, after which you pay $125 per year.

The Pay in Full package costs $225 plus state fees. This is suitable for business owners who are simply seeking to form their LLC and get some assistance to keep its state compliant.

The VIP Service Plan

The cost of this package depends on your LLC location plus state fees. Signing up for the Northwest Registered Agent VIP Service indicates that you receive all the services from the Free Account and pay in full package plus six more features. Below is the list of what you will get with this plan:

  • Premium-level services – You get access to other important Northwest Registered Agent services like Operating Agreement, Free Limited Mail Forwarding, Secure Client Account, Banking Solution, Privacy by Default, and Corporate Guide Service.
  • Annual, biennial, or periodic state filings – Now, you can save yourself from the trouble of writing and submitting state compliance requirements by yourself. That’s because the company will do it on your behalf.
  • Free business address – Northwest Registered Agent enables you to use their business address on all your formation documents. That’s useful, especially if your business does not have any physical address.
  • State filing fees – You normally have to pay the state filing fees upfront. However, with Northwest Registered Agent’s VIP services, they will shoulder all your state fees, and you only need to pay them back on a monthly basis. How awesome is that?
  • EIN filing – Northwest Registered Agent can file for your EIN, so you don’t need to do it by yourself.
  • Business formation – The company starts and ends the entire LLC formation process for you.

Keep in mind that this package is ideal if you wish the company to begin and maintain your business while you concentrate on running your business—all while paying lower monthly costs.

How to Use Northwest Registered Agent

The overall user experience with Northwest Registered Agent can be described in one simple word—smooth.

Everything is straightforward and transparent. Their website is clean, simple to navigate, and enables you to get started without too much fuss. After you pick your state and entity type, Northwest Registered Agent systematically offers you state-specific information. That even includes info about documentation necessary for opening a bank account, tax rates for your state, and many more.

One of our favorite parts about the user experience is that you could jump ahead to see other sections of the form as you are signing up and going throughout the process.

Many business formation service providers oblige you to make an account and offer specific details about your company before moving on to the next step. Nonetheless, Northwest Registered Agent does not impose any of those restrictions.


Thus, you can effortlessly jump ahead to check the total cost of your order, including state fees and add-ons, before making an account. Other services online are not as transparent and will try to sneak that info in at the end when it is time to pay.

Who is Northwest Registered Agent Suitable For?

If you like an LLC service provider offering premium customer support with skilled and registered agent services for a whole year, then Northwest Registered Agent is an excellent option for you.

However, if you are in the market seeking a cheaper LLC service provider, you can choose other names. There are numerous LLC service providers that have more volume of customer feedback. If these aspects are more important to you, we recommend you try out somewhere else.

FAQs on Starting an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent

Q: Is Northwest Registered Agent legitimate?

As explained earlier, Northwest Registered Agent started its operation in 1988. Today, it’s one of the leading LLC formation service providers available in the market. They have established thousands of LLCs each year and are sought for their top-notch customer support.

Even though they have been working for many decades and have helped a big base of customers, they do not have a huge number of online reviews, which makes many new customers doubtful about them. Still, the few reviews available online are extremely positive and demonstrate how amazed the customers are with their service and fast turnaround time.

Q: How is Northwest Registered Agent compared to other LLC formation service providers?

Personally, we find Northwest Registered Agent to be one of the best LLC formation services in the industry. They are our top pick, especially if you are seeking excellent customer support.

Overall, another name that is popular in the market is ZenBusiness. They are $185 less costly than Northwest Registered Agent, even though they do not provide premium customer support, which is part of Northwest’s package.

Q: Should I recommend Northwest Registered Agent to my friends?

There’s no simple answer to this question. However, if you were to ask us whether the company is value for money, we would want to tell you that it certainly is. That’s especially true if you consider the world-class customer service they provide and the one-year free registered agent service.

Nonetheless, if you are currently tight on budget, you can simply look for cheaper alternatives that provide the same level of features.

Q: Do Northwest Registered Agent provide refunds?

The refund policy of the company is a bit convoluted, but they provide a refund to the customers. However, you need to request less than sixty days after placing your order. Or else, they will take $25 cancellation fees from the refund.

On top of that, Northwest Registered Agent mentioned on their website that they create hundreds of LLCs every day and guarantee that every LLC filing is 100% accurate. Still, there are times that they make a few mistakes. If such an error takes place, they will make all the needed adjustments necessary for the filing and will not charge you anything for it.

Q: Should I get an EIN with Northwest Registered Agent?

It is highly possible for you to get an EIN from the IRS for free, but it can take a bit of effort and time on your need. It will be more convenient to have your EIN confirmation and articles of information stored at one location, so you don’t need to call the IRS to get the EIN.

If you’re searching for a convenient way to get an EIN and have all the documents stored in one place, we suggest hiring Northwest Registered Agent.

Q: What services does Northwest Registered Agent provide?

In addition to helping you form your LLC, Northwest Registered Agent provides a wide array of key services such as mail forwarding, virtual office, registered agent services, annual reporting filing, and more.

In addition, they help their customers with other stuff such as operating agreements, IRS registrations, foreign registrations, S corporation tax elections, business licensing, and international business formations.

Q: How much time does Northwest Registered Agent take to start an LLC?

The processing time of Northwest Registered Agent differs depending on the state of your LLC formation. Nonetheless, they are typically quick. If you wish to make the process move a little much faster, you can simply upgrade to their expedited service, which can lessen the LLC processing period from a few weeks to a few days in several states.

Q: Does Northwest Registered Agent share or sell my information to third parties?

No, they don’t. One of the best things about Northwest Registered Agent is that they will never ever share or sell your personal data with third parties. They are always concerned about their customers’ privacy. That’s why they’ve made a code and keep their servers, so your info will remain secure and safe.

Q: How can I contact Northwest’s customer team through phone and email?

Would you like to get in touch with their customer support team by phone? Then you can call them at 509-768-2249. They have not shared their email address, but you can reach out to them through the contact form that can be found on their Contact Us Page. You simply need to fill out the information and send it to start the support process.

Q: Can I create an LLC without being physically present?

Yes, you can. There’s no need for a person to be physically present in the US to create an LLC. On top of that, you don’t need to be an American resident or American citizen to make one. That’s because any nationality can start an LLC in the United States.

That makes the ideal option for many small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, as there are a few limitations connected with starting an LLC.

Q: Do they offer publication services?

In other states, you need to publish your business’ formation in a regional newspaper. Northwest doesn’t offer to deal with your publication requirement on your behalf, but they provide substantial help with it.

If you create a business in a state that needs publication, they will help you with instructions for you to finish your requirement.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we can definitely recommend Northwest Registered Agent. Apart from its top-notch registered agent services, it is an excellent option for any business owner seeking to create an LLC or incorporate. The company provides transparent and fair pricing, not to mention it’s accompanied by remarkable customer service.

Even if you wish to file your formation documents by yourself, Northwest Registered Agent offers free document downloads, and it walks you through the process without extra cost. It is difficult to find anything negative to say about such a level of services.

Along with the best LLC formation services, Northwest Registered Agent is one of the best-licensed agent services. What’s more, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that other competitors provide, but it is extremely straightforward and honest when we talk about its plans. They also provide the best user experience by focusing on their service line.

To sum up, you cannot go wrong with Northwest Registered Agent, especially if you are searching for the ideal partner for your business solutions!